A £30,000 per month return on their SEO contract

ShadeStation found us by searching on Google. Figuring we must be doing something right, they asked us if we could help them increase their traffic, outperform their competitors and, most importantly, increase sales of specific, highly profitable brands.

The Results:

  • £30,000/monthSales up by £30,000 per month
  • 33% traffic increaseAverage traffic increases of 33% every three months
  • Record salesRecord sales after just three months, beating even the busy Christmas period
  • 27 of 30 keywordsAfter three months, 27 of the 30 keywords we targeted were on Google’s front page

Their existing site contained:

  • Spammy and ineffective links
  • Keyword cannibalisation (homepage using same keywords as internal pages)
  • Previous poor quality optimisation that wasn’t converting into sales

We improved their site by:

  • Removing poor quality links where possible
  • Creating new ongoing high quality links
  • Building new links faster than competitors
  • Optimising the whole website, ensuring each keyword has a unique landing page

This was a substantial site containing thousands of pages. But by using a flexible custom CMS we were able to preview multiple changes and evaluate their possible impact across the site, ensuring a process of trial, without error.

Don’t just take our word for it:

The team at Evolutia have an infectious passion for their craft and they are a team any enterprising business should be looking to work with.
David Allen, Shade Station